Saturday, May 22, 2010

Media: Gooooaaaaalllllll!

I'll watch soccer every now and again. I went to a Liverpool home game with Nixta a few years ago, and while I'm glad I went, the whole 'mounted cops in riot gear/old stadium with creepy riot ready feel/REALLY intense fans that literally have to be separated AT ALL TIMES to avoid a massacre made it difficult to enjoy the match.

The best experience I had was the last World Cup, when we were taking a month long road trip through Italy and Sicily. We watched matches at most every stop, even managing to find a British pub full of expats in Rome to watch England tie Sweden as the bartender bumping euro techno music at the England goals.

The guitar riff from the White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army' was the Italian team theme song, and it was really fun to hear thousands of Italians all chanting 'dahhh, dah dah dah dah dahhhhh...DAHHHHH' in unison during sports updates in between the bumping euro techno music on all the Italian radio stations we listened to on the drive.

We watched the final match between Italy/France on a ferry up the Dalmatian coast from Dubrovnik to Rijeka, Croatia. We were all crowded into a low ceilinged, dark 'lounge' with a large TV. Swarthy Italian and Croatian sailors in euro Love Boat uniforms with uniform mediterranean mustaches and cigarettes dangling from lips left their posts to come watch with us, and any time a child made a noise or blocked the view of the television, he was swatted in the head, sworn at in a mix of Italian and Croatian, then hustled off to a far corner with the other children, where I assume they formed their own Lord of the Flies social hirarchy, because their adults had clearly abandoned them for the duration of the game. I THINK they all made it out alive.

The boat kept losing the satillite signal, so the crew (which was heavily Italian) decided to ignore 'schedules' and when we got to a spot where satallite coverage was good, they weighed anchor in the middle of nowhere for an unscheduled stop. The Captain came down, hats came off, beers were passed, and we all enjoyed an amazing match. When Italy won, I swear I felt that huge ferry rocking under the weight of hundreds of booze soaked Italians screaming and jumping up and down.

So, while I don't watch it regularly, I do enjoy the World Cup and I'm looking forward to this summer's games.

Nike makes my favorite running nerd commercials, and they killed it with this short film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu for the World Cup. In addition to the soccer stars, Kobe, Federer, Homer Simpson and Gael Garcia Bernal make appearances.

Watch it! If you aren't excited about the World Cup, you will be after this.


  1. Such a clever video. I am now SEMI-excited for the World Cup. That 'Seven Nation Army' chant must be pretty big in European sports; I remember this one boxer from the UK was boxing in Las Vegas and a bunch of Europeans flew here for the event and they were all banging their drums and doing the chant to that song. It added a lot of excitement to the event. I loved it.

  2. Its a bombastic beat, for sure. If I heard 10,000 screaming fans chanting and banging it out in unison, I think I might get pumped up for a victory!

    Maybe I should ask my friends to gather at the point when I start my finishing kick during a race and chant it for me...

  3. Seriously! That could only help! Working out to good beats is amazing.

    ps I've pretty much just started running and I bet you could smoke me, even with your injury and all. Good to hear that you're running again. Keep at it!