Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Music Monday: Super Fantastic Wednesday Edition

I can't be bothered to wait until next monday, so here is Music Monday on a Wednesday. Its like having breakfast for dinner! Let's go!

Disclaimer: I don't care if you heard these bands ages ago. If you enjoy them too, I'd love to hear it. If you just want to tell me you heard about them ages ago...kindly take it to Brooklyn Vegan and comment on his blog. I got no time for nonsense.

This band got a lot of attention at CMJ last year. My friend who knows about these things says they will be huge very very soon. Who am I to argue? Great running music.

This band is The Drums. They are from Florida. They are now based in Brooklyn, but they sound kind of like The Cure might sound if they were from Florida. Here is their stupidly catchy submission for the next big hipster whistlin'song;'I Wanna Go Surfing'. They are even running in the video! And at 52 secs in, one of them is doing The Pushup Challenge! But they get winded pretty quickly. And they run like a bunch of floppy armed hipster girls. I could so take these dudes.

This band is The XX. It is one that Nixta and I are divided on. I like them, Nixta doesn't. Anyway, I have this dream of sneaking into the pool at night, taking the lane lines down, and swimming alone in the pitch black. Floating on my back, diving to the bottom, swimming under water...lose all sense of direction and time and just BE. I'd need the perfect song and this one is a candidate.

Egyptian Hip Hop are from Manchester. These dudes are only about 17 years old, are unsigned and have like 3 songs done, so of course they are getting all kinds of frenzied attention in the UK, and hipster haters are already bitching about how 'over' they are. I can't find anything beyond one song on you tube, and their myspace page. Go there and listen to Wild Human Child and Heavenly. They are the best two of all three of their songs. But the third one is called Rad Pitt. And its not that bad either. The songs as is are fine, but I'm more interested to hear what they sound like once they get signed, get a producer and put out a full album.

Memory Tapes are the latest band my friends have been telling me to listen to for months, but I get busy and forget. And then I hear them a few weeks later at a bar and say 'who is this?' and people look at me like I just said the dumbest thing in the world and I feel kind of embarassed. But then I get over it, and listen to Memory Tapes and realize I really like them, and beyond that, nothing really matters.

The last one only has demos and one real name; Mike. His fake name is Perfume Genius and he works in a furniture store in Washington and is 26 years old. And that's about all anyone knows about him besides his amazing music. Kind of Anthony and the Johnsons meets Daniel Johnston meets Jens Lekman. The video for 'No Problem' is stunning, and really is encouraging me to move ahead with my plan to break into the pool some night, as does the song 'Gay Angels'.

Mike, please finish the album soon. I really need this kind of beauty in my life.

And btw, your myspace quote is fantastic!

Hope everyone enjoyed the pancakes and waffles, because we're back on training tomorrow.


  1. I wish I had a record label to sign Egyptian Hip Hop

  2. Me too. Hopefully they get something going soon before everyone gets bored with all the speculation, but you never know. The Ting Tings started the same way-unsigned no major promotion but tons of hype on two songs from small gigs in the UK and lots of blogger support. Then one song on an Ipod commercial...and they exploded.

    thanks for reading!


  4. I love the post! Thanks for the videos. I don’t want to lie but of all the singers and bands you have here the only band I know is the Memory Tapes. Well, you can also check out the new album of Harry Shearer, and it sounds really hilarious. But anyway, the song Bicycle by Memory Tape is just one of my favorite, I could not help but relate in the music. By the way, I find “The Drum” bands have the potential it’s just the video is funny.