Monday, November 16, 2009

Music Monday: Feed The Bears

Its been a big week for musical bears.

These bears were in a tour bus accident (all are A-Ok).

Cheerleader - Bear, Grizzly

This bear will be going on a rare (though short) solo tour in the new year. *unrelated-I played this album nonstop while cooking Christmas dinner last year until my dad said to 'turn off Enya already'. heh.*

Good Girl/Carrots - Panda Bear

These bears just released an AMAZING album called Beast Rest Forth Mouth. Its kind of electro synth psychadelic. I've had this song on repeat all day, though I think I need to get some big music nerd headphones to truely appreciate it.

You Do You - Bear In Heaven

They have a free show at Zebulon this Friday. I think I need to go.

So speaking of musical bears-is Teddy Bear's Picnic not the most sinister children's song you have ever heard?

Teddy Bears Picnic - Bad Manners

UPDATE: OMG, how could I forget my 8 year old self's favorite bears of all time? Here are the Rock-afire Explosion puttin' some Love In This Club. Also check out MGMT's Electric Feel.

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  1. These crazy-ass robot bears lip-sync better than Britney.

    BAM! Nixta's seal of approval delivered.