Friday, November 20, 2009

Media: Nike says 'Change'

5 years ago I was telling friends that I would never start running. 2 years ago I would run a mile here and there at the gym, but I still had my doubts about being able to run long distances. Once I started meditating, I was finally able to see all the limitations I was placing on myself and ask; Why?

Watching a friend run an amazing sub 3 hour NYC Marathon in 2008 was the kick I needed to finally go for it, and this year, I feel like I am light years from where I started. The physical training and the meditation have altered the way I see and respond to the world. Both have had times of great progress and times where I thought I would just give up because I felt worse than I did before I started. Sometimes it gets uncomfortable; running faster and longer hurts, holding my mind still enough to see through my own bullshit hurts, breaking old destructive patterns hurts.

The Voice in my head tells me to stop and find a comfortable space to hang in; that I've worked hard enough and I 'deserve' to take a break. The Voice is sooooo convincing. The Voice is afraid and trying to trick me into sticking with her because change hurts. The Voice has ruled too much of my life and now...the voice isn't in charge anymore.

I really love this Nike commercial. This is all about how The Voice bullies you...and how you overcome it.

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