Thursday, September 24, 2009

Media: Running Beyond Reality

It seems like all I do is work these days. Probably because its true. I'm logging some serious hours, and haven't been able to get to bed before midnight for at least a month now. Normally I'm a very sound sleeper and don't often remember my dreams, but all the stress and no running have....made me dream about running! At least 3 nights in the past two weeks have had running dreams. My running dreams; not so interesting to anyone but me. Spike Jonze's running dreams; at least interesting to Nike and Adidas. Set the Way-Back machine to the early 2000's and look this:

Jonze produced this gorgeous piece for Adidas. Karen O sings. I want my life to be this magic.

Remember the Y2K anxiety? Remember all the people who dug underground bunkers and hoarded canned soup? Remember worries about all the computers going off-line, and all the rioting and urban destruction that was sure to happen? Well, even if it DID, runnners wouldn't break stride. A great look at the calm that comes with a daily run.

OK, back to work!


  1. I used to sleep very soundly and deeply, but never remember any dreams.

    Then I read this book, about lucid dreaming. (link below) In common with a lot of people, I found that simply reading the book was enough stimulus for me to start to remember some of my dreams - some of them as quite vivid emotional experiences. It was a real awakening.

    This piqued my interest to actually perform the exercises the book suggests (such as keeping a dream journal) and within a week, that proved to be enough for me to start lucid dreaming, which I found to be an intense and spiritual and deeply joyful experience.

    I read a couple of other lucid dreaming books after this (there are many), but none of them seemed as good as this one.

    I'd highly recommend it.


    Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.
    by Stephen LaBerge, Howard Rheingold

  2. hey, yeah! I remember about 10 years ago I kept a dream journal, and the more wrote about my dreams, the more I could remember them. maybe I'll try that again, though there is something about that long, dead sleep that I love.

    thanks for the book suggestion, will definitely have to check that out.