Monday, August 10, 2009

Music Monday

Last minute Music Monday! This one is for my brothers and sisters who are running the NYC half next weekend! I will not be joining you on the course, but I WILL be there to cheer you on. If you choose to ipod this one, here are two great running albums from start to finish.

Sometimes I forget that my best running music isn't the newest. These two albums that have been on my shuffle for months (and in the case of the second...years). No song is wasted, and both help me pick up when I need it.

First is Girl Talk. Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis) is known for complex sample layering, and his album 'Feed The Animals' was a huge party hit last year. Check out this sample map from 'What Its All About' while you listen.

What Its All About - Girl Talk

Some of the album can be found below, but I recommend you download the whole thing. Its prime 1st half race pacing material.

Feed the Animals

Second half of the race, I'd personally go with (and I'm seriously dating myself here) Underworld's live album, Everything Everything. Its made for running. The songs are set up to put you through a warm up, steady early pace, tempo, rest, and then two high energy songs for your kick at the end. The live crowd cheering makes it super fantastic. I never get tired of this one, its helped me through so many long runs. Check out my kick songs: play them in your last two miles and tell me you don't push harder!

Rez/Cowgirl - Underworld

Born Slippy [Nuxx] - Underworld

That's it! I'm super excited to watch the race this weekend! Was feeling bad that I have to skip it, but if I ran, I wouldn't get to watch some of the top distance runners in the world today, including:

Ryan Hall


Deena Kastor!

See you on race day!

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