Monday, July 6, 2009

Music Monday

Some indie rock for Music Monday. Three songs that I would use to keep me at a moderate tempo pace. The drums push me along, and I like the sax lines in 'London' and 'How We Exit'. 'London' was produced by Mark Ronson, and 'How We Exit' really reminds me of Bowie's 'Modern Love'.

I linked to YouTube videos for consistency-couldn't find all songs in one
place, and the video for 'How We Exit' is interesting.

Futureheads-'Hounds of Love'

This cover isn't new, and I've actually come to prefer it to the original.
I've had it on my shuffle for a while, and whenever it comes on, I always
manage to pick my pace up. This video has an added bonus of doggies at the end. Who doesn't love doggies and music? Win!

The Rumble Strips- 'London'
The newest of the bunch, the album isn't released until next week, so apologies for the cheap You Tube rip quality, but its the best I could do. Great song. I'm really curious to hear this band's recent cover of Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black'.

Gentleman Reg- 'How We Exit'

I love how this video is styled. I dig the retro 70's/80's style workout wear, and this guy is just so interesting looking anyway. And hey...chick sports! Great video.

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