Monday, July 20, 2009

Music Monday (cranky cripple edition)

I'm behind in my posting again. Sorry.

Went in for more muscle grabbing this morning, and it was easier in that I knew what to expect, but harder in that there was more of it. Chris fought my muscles for a little over half an hour and then handed me over to Dmitri and his Russian accent, who gave me some strength building exercises to work on. I left feeling better in some spots, worse in others. In addition to a variety of Pilates leg lifts and extensions to strengthen my core and gluteus medius I also have to work on a small muscle in my foot (I forget what it is called, but it is indeed Very Important). This muscle controls how I push off when I run, and if its underdeveloped, can affect the hamstrings, quads, hips and back. Basically, I have to push my big toe joint into the ground as often as I can remember throughout the day. That's it. The most important exercise I have to do is also the easiest.

I'm tired and cranky because I hurt too bad to do anything today, so here's a non running song for a painful Music Monday. Watch Grizzly Bear on Letterman playing a gorgeous version of 'Ready, Able'. It is my favorite song off their new album; Vekatimest.

Also, probably the best Madonna cover I've ever heard. Watch The Flaming Lips wail on 'Borderline'.