Tuesday, July 7, 2009

House of Pain

I have been dealing with inflammation around my knees and hips for a few weeks now. I suspect the cause is two fold; insane work schedule not allowing for me to train as I should, and running the Brooklyn Half Marathon in stoopid unproven shoes. Honestly, I was never 100% on board with those shoes in the first place. I have to partially blame the kid who put me in them, and mostly blame myself for not speaking up when I felt I wasn't being given the attention I needed in the purchase.

***Shoe Store Kid: You work at a fine store and unfortunately I let that store's reputation trick me into trusting you, though I had my doubts. I kept my mouth shut because I knew there was a slight possibility you were actually paying attention and thoughtfully helping me through the decision without pressuring me. Sadly, this was not the case. I now know for certain that you Sir, are an idiot, I am an idiot for mistaking your apathy for quiet confidence in your brief 'assessment' of my running form, and I will not be tricked again.***

Anyway, the pain and inflammation have been coming and going over the past few weeks, and I have noticed significant improvement recently since focusing on icing, stretching and taking anti inflammatories, so I thought I had solved the problem with a little bit of rest. And then I ran last night.

I didn't get it; I warmed up, I stretched, I ran easy. My right knee and left groin muscle slowly started to flare up in mile 2.5 of an easy run, and by mile 3, I decided to pack it in. Took an ice bath when I got home, and knee is now fine, but groin still a little sore. I suspect it is scar tissue from an old groin pull that has become inflamed and needs to be massaged out. Worked with my trainer today, and we have decided the weaker (left) side of my body was being twisted inwards because the stoopid shoes did not correct my over-pronation and I compensated with my stronger (right) side, creating the mess I now have to fix. So...I've made my first sports massage appointment for Friday. We're gonna work to break up all that scar tissue on my left side, I will make sure I DON'T skip yoga and weight training anymore, and will be taking my runs super slow for a while. My form is clearly suffering, so if I have to run 10 minute miles for a week to allow myself to focus on it, I'll suck it up and do it. I'm still in a good place regarding timing. I can still do The Half in August, and can probably start racing again in two weeks, but its hard to hold myself back when all I really want to do is GO!

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