Monday, June 15, 2009

Coming Soon...

Just wanted to put a few words up until I have time to write some real posts...

I'm a new runner and I'm training for the 2009 NYC marathon. I started to really focus on my running last January, competed in my first race last March and...I'm hooked. I race every few weeks, and just completed my first half marathon. I really want to run my first marathon in NYC, so I put my name in for the lottery and waited. I wasn't selected and I didn't want to have to wait until next year, so when a friend suggested that I run for a charity to take advantage of the training and support they offer, I decided to go for it. I chose to run for Team For Kids. They are doing some amazing work, and what they offer goes so far beyond the immediate benefits of childhood physical fitness, I had to jump on board and help.

Here's a little info about TFK:

TFK raises funds for programs which combat childhood obesity and empower youth

development via running, goal setting and nutrition programs in low-income schools and community centers. These programs currently serve more than 50,000 children in New York City, throughout the country, and Cape Town, South Africa, all of whom participate in programs which provide unique opportunities for physical activity and academic and personal enrichment.

A little hometown specific info here:

More than 43% of New York City children are classified as overweight or obese. Furthermore, according to a study released this year, the city’s rates of obesity and diabetes both increased by 17% during the two-year study period. By contrast, the rest of the nation experienced just a 6% increase in obesity and no increase in diabetes. Our city’s children are at an increased risk for the early onset of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic illnesses that undermine quality of life and that, nationally, lead to health-care costs in excess of $100 billion annually.

Student-teacher ratios for physical education in New York City elementary schools are estimated to be 730 to 1, and 2 out of every 5 New York City public schools offer no after-school sports or fitness activities at all.

Team for Kids helps NYRR deliver running-based fitness programs to 50,000 at-risk school
children each week in New York and a handful of other cities. These programs are run by trained
volunteers who help kids learn to run, eat well, and set and achieve fitness and health goals.

How could I say, 'no thanks' to supporting that? So I signed up, and in return for raising just $2500, I get personal training from some amazing coaches, support on race day, and I get to meet and run with some of the kids I'm sweating those 26.2 miles for! But I need some help. I will log the miles, but I have to ask my friends and family to help with the cash. Any amount would be gratefully accepted, but I think $1 a mile is a great start. If just 100 people donate $26.2 dollars, I've more than made my goal! Check the Donate DMC section for the link that will lead directly to the TFK donation page, where you can enter my last name and marathon entry number to donate. You can track my progress here, and I will be writing regular updates about my marathon training and the other races I run in.

So, more posts soon, please donate, and I hope you'll cheer for me on November 1st!



  1. this site looks awesome! it's my first visit and we haven't donated yet. don't worry we won't wait forever! well done on both the running and the site.