Thursday, June 18, 2009 it a hassle?

I have a quick question; I am trying to find a way to make donation gathering as easy as possible for you and me. If you had the option to just click a paypal button on the blog, as opposed to going through the steps at the Team For Kids website, would you be more likely to donate? The paypal option would go to me, and I'd have to reroute through Team For Kids myself, but it would save some hassle and if thats what holds people back...I'd be an idiot not to offer another option.

I've put a poll up under the donation section. Let me know what you think!

I'm new at this fundraising thing, so any tips/feedback would be great as well!


  1. I personal dont think its that big of a step and if anything makes it feel more official and kind of a big deal seeing all the orange and blue of ING. In fact, between the two groups, I have gotten more people to donate to TFK. Perhaps because they are reassured through the "official looking" website and your "official entry number". Just my experience. :0 )

  2. I'm absolutely with you on the official tip, but I also get that sometimes its just a pain to go through all the steps...get up/find credit card/type type type...its amazing how quickly things that were once amazing conveniences become a hassle as newer and better conveniences crop up!

    so, if its easier for someone to just type in the amount and their paypal password, I don't want to hold them back! :)